flag-of-Korea-SouthJaeho-South Korea- Job interview

Nov 25, 2018

            I have studied 3 times with him about the job interview. He always prepared useful material to study. and He induced me to be familiar with his class. All the classes started on time. So I recommend you to study with him!

flag-of-NorwayBesmellah Samim-Norway-Exam preparation

October 24, 2018

I experience Al T. as one of the best teachers I’ve had. He has good experiences in teaching and giving guidance. I have had an experience that he is able to find the problem very quickly and also comes with a reasonable proposer to help. His teaching is very comfortable and understandable.

flag-of-United-Arab-EmiratesBassam-United Arab Emirates-Exam preparation

October 24, 2018

Mr. Al T. is very organized teacher, he knows the weakness of the student from the very beginning, so I would really recommend him to anyone who wants to improve                 his English language.


flag-of-BrazilWalter -Brazil-Exam preparation

October 21, 2018

Great as a person and very professional as a teacher. Al goes straight to the point while conducting his classes, making every minute meaningful.

flag-of-GermanyFlorian -Germany-Exam preparation

October 21, 2018
Al is a very nice teacher. He prepares me for an IELTS Test. He knows a lot about the parts of the IELTS Test and uses very well materials for studying. I think he is a good choice for studying English.

flag-of-United-States-of-AmericaSebastian Andres Jud Jud-USA-Conversational course

October 18, 2018

Al is a great teacher, he could understand and make a program based on my needs. He also provide great material. I have been taking classes with him for two months and I’ve improved my English since then.

flag-of-JordanSana – Jordan- Teaching to kids
September 01, 2018
Teacher AI has an intelligent teaching way in which he can make the student to love studying and waiting for each lesson. My child, 8 years old has started to learn English full of happiness and enthusiasm. Thanks to you teacher.
flag-of-United-States-of-Americakamalakar- USA- Exam preparation
August 31, 2018
Well defined course work by AI helps you to complete the modules of IElTS very easily. And, he is more like a friend and corrects the mistakes instantly. I would definitely recommend AI to anyone looking for structured preparation of IElTS and looking for higher bands.
flag-of-RussiaYevgeny -Russia -conversational course
Aug 21, 2018
Al is a fantastic tutor! I improved my conversation skill, now i feel more confident, than before. Thanks Al!
Matteo Saul Gusatto -Italy 
Aug 15, 2018
Al is such an amazing teacher, well prepared and organized. Love the course he personalized for me. I really feel I can get to an advance level of English now with him. Absolutely recommend to everyone.

OMUR-Turkey -Conversational course

August 10, 2018

Al is a great teacher. I am very lucky to meet him. He tries to improve my writing and speaking ability. I recommend him to everyone.

Jon-Iceland-Exam preparation

August 07, 2018

Al’s a great teacher and I’ll would recommend him to anybody how needs to improve or study for a English test. Feel that his methods had an great impact on my English, every week, and helping me to achieve my goal.

Alexander- Russia- Intensive conversational

July 25, 2018

Al Thompson is a great teacher. I had 7 lessons with him and going to continue. Al’s lessons are well organised, prepared and also his method of teaching is very effective. Also he has great sense of humour. I absolutely recommend him.

Arthur- South Korea- Conversational Course

July 17, 2018

He is prepared for anybody who wants to get a great achievement of English. Even though you don’t know where to start or what to do, he can be your expert guide. Don’t hesitate, just book your class. 1 on 1 system is the best way to learning English.

flag-of-Korea-SouthChris- South Korea- Exam Preparation

June 27, 2018

Al can conduct personalized lessons that fit students’ needs. He is always well-prepared before the class. I believe that I could get good results on the IELTS exam after attending Al’s lessons.

flag-of-United-States-of-AmericaAlberto – US- Exam Preparation

June 18, 2018

Al Thompson is a fantastic teacher. I hope I will pass the exam. He gave me lots of strategies to pass every sections on the TOEFL. I will recommend him to anyone ask me for an English tutor. He’s the best.

Peace-Canada- Business English

June 05, 2018

Mr. Al is a great teacher. He is very organized, he always prepares the lesson plan and he is punctual and flexible. I have done 3 lessons with him so far and I feel I have improved my knowledge on idioms and phrasal verbs. Above all, he is so polite and has a good sense of humor. I absolutely recommend him for anyone.

Ori- Australia- Exam Preparation

May 06, 2018

Al is a great teacher! always ready for the class on time, has creative ways to teach and explain new learning materials and very patient. thank you Al!

MA- US- Exam Preparation

May 06, 2018

My class with Al helps me very much. We tackle about the strategies on how to answer the question quick and easy. He taught me how to do skimming in reading which is very big help to me because of the limited time in reading during exam. Another is the listening practice, he gives me good advice on how to answer the question by reading the question first, underline the keywords of the question before the listening exam begin. I would say, that all the techniques and strategies that he gives me can help me to pass the exam.

Bair- Russia-Exam Preparation

May 03, 2018

Great teacher. With Al I have found my weak points in writing. He helped me to improve it in several simple steps. Now I feel more confident in my writing.

Dmitry- Russia-Exam Preparation

April 20, 2018

Hello Al Your lessons were very useful for me during IELTS preparation. I passed IELTS on 7 band overall. Thank you very much Al for your help!

Carlos- Nicaragua- Exam Preparation

April 14, 2018

Al is a professional on teaching students getting ready for the IELTS. With me he has been really punctual and assertive in the feedback he has given me, I can see he has lots of experience in this area. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone with the appropriate knowledge.

CHAOYI- Exam preparation – USA

April 12, 2018

Mr AI is very professional in preparing for IELTS exam. He applies a systematic teaching method along with useful/ up-to-date materials. I had 8 classes with him before I took the IELTS speaking test, his lessons were extremely helpful in preparing a wide range of topics. I even didn’t feel panic when I encountered difficult questions in the exam. Thanks.

Areej- Exam preparation

April 07, 2018

AI is the best teacher I have ever met : He helped me in my preparation for TOEFL. He is so organised, use a simple way to deliver the information and I will never forget his valuable advises. It’s my pleasure that he was my teacher. I strongly recommended him.

Leonardo- Exam preparation

April 06, 2018

Great teacher! Commitment, knowledge, and consistency are all characteristics of AI. We did a short course in order to improve my IELTS writing and speaking skills. He has a lot of material that is very useful. If you work hard with AI, you will be likely to achieve your goals. Moreover, his punctuality is incredible! Strongly recommended. It was a pleasure studying with him!

Mikhail- Russian- Conversational

March 28, 2018

Al is a professional teacher; he could create a complete program even for non-standard requests. He is responsive, punctual and organized, in addition he has a great sense of humor. He fixes mistakes in pronunciation and offers better variants of expressions. I absolutely recommend him.

Ashley-Columbia-Exam preparation

March 10, 2018

Excellent teacher! why? Because:

He is always on time and ready for the class to begin.

As soon as the class starts, he gets down to business, he makes great usage of your time.

He encourages you to do better and guides you to overcome your weaknesses.

Every class’ content is worth it. There are no unnecessary fillings – this word, I learned from him .

At last, but not less important, he is very educated and shows patience.

Osman- Turkey-Exam preparation

February 20, 2018

Hello everyone, Al is a very experienced and a perfect English teacher, especially about the IELTS. I have been preparing with him for my exam. He speaks quite understandably and clearly. Besides, he has very useful teaching methods and materials. So, all lessons have been very effective with Al. I have improved my writing and speaking skills from first lesson until now. And, I feel that I will be able to achieve my goal under Al’s guidance. I recommend him to prepare the English exams (TOEFL, IELTS etc.)

Alexey- Ukraine – Conversational

February 17, 2018

Hello everyone. I have already been studying English for 10 hours with Al. And I’m not going to stop this. Our every class is like breath of fresh air for me. Al is a perfect teacher. He is well-educated, has structured and very interesting lessons and corrects you every time you need. My English level is getting better every lesson. Thanks to you Al.

Maximilian- Germany-Exam Preperation

February 09, 2018

I booked 3.5 hours with Al for a quick IELTS preparation with focus on speaking+writing, and I’m more than satisfied. He is highly professional, structured and most important for me, very experienced with the test format. I can recommend him for everyone who looks for a serious teacher and pursues to improve his English. Thanks Al!

AMIT- USA- Exam preperation

February 07, 2018

Al is a brilliant teacher, and I am very sure that I am going to achieve my goals under his guidance. He knows how to bring out the best in students. An excellent English teacher with lots of experience & study materials (especially for IELTS & TOEFL). I highly recommend him.

Eka- Bali-Exam Preparation

January 26, 2018

It’s my first time in Preply and I have found Al as a wonderful tutor. We focus a lot on my speaking and writing skills. After 7 sessions with him, I found both my speaking and writing have greatly improved. I’d like to recommend him as he will teach you professionally and patiently.

Adrian- Brazil- Conversational

January 26, 2018

Al is very hardworking and conscientious tutor with big experience. He is able to lead you by another levels of English language. As native speaker he speaks very well and what is the most important he can teach others. He teaches with big passion. Thank you Al

Boutella- France – Conversational

January 18, 2018

Al is giving some weekly English lesson to my soon 12-year-old, Al is very well organized, giving a lot of help on speaking, reading, vocabulary, understanding… We will for sure continue with him for some months!

Jose- Conversational

January 09, 2018

I have been studying English with the tutor Al for 1 week (5 lessons), and I am enjoying it for three main reasons. First of all, he is interested in my result. For example, I had a trial lesson and he planned the following in order to achieve my goals. The second reason is his methodology. He uses an excellent and recent material. Finally, his punctuality is a relevant aspect. I have always received my lessons on time. For these reasons, I recommend his lessons.

Ray- Australia- Exam preparation

January 05, 2018

Even though I have only completed 6 lessons till now with AI, I know he is the one who can help me on achieving target in IELTS exam. He is punctual, patient and well-organized tutor. The learning materials given by him are useful. Also, i got detailed correction in my writing from him which has greatly improved my writing skills. He is a professional tutor and willing to recommend him to my friends anyone who wants to study English.

Sammi- Australia-Exam preparation

November 18, 2017

Al is a really patient teacher. He is also well-organized, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve had almost 10 IELTS lessons with him since I started. He has not only helped me with IELTS exam itself but also the work for my school and scholarship. He’s a really passionate teacher!

Eli- Exam preparation

November 15, 2017

Al has been a wonderful teacher, I got a lot of insights regarding my English weak points and he managed to assist me improve my IELTS score to overall 8.0. I would like to recommend him and assure you that If you join forces with Al as your teacher and put your mind to it, you will achieve your English improvement goals.

Jone- Denmark – Conversational

November 06, 2017

Al is a very good tutor. He is structured, knowledgeable and motivating. He is very gifted with solid English knowledge and has the ability to teach this knowledge in an educational way. The hours I’ve had with Al have been of great value to me. I look forward to continuing my lessons with Al in the future. I strongly recommend Al.

Kongkuk- South Korea – Conversational

November 05, 2017

My two kids, 11 and 12, are learning speaking and writing from Al. His class is highly organized with very well prepared textbooks. He also pays attention to the specific needs or concerns of our kids and adjusts each class. My kids simply love studying with Al.

Patrick- Germany-Exam preparation

October 16, 2017

I was looking for a good preparation for my TOEFL speaking part. With Al Tam I have found the perfect teacher for this. He knows the structure and the needs of the TOEFL-test exactly. In addition, we practice with authentic TOEFL material and original tests. I would recommend Al Tam to everyone who is preparing for the TOEFL-test.

Mohammad- Exam preparation

October 06, 2017

I worked with Mr. AL for four lessons now. He is well organized, prepared and experienced teacher. Al had answers to all my questions so far. He taught me many techniques to increase my English proficiency and to increase my IELTS level. With this guidance, I believe that I will achieve the required IELTS result in the near future.

Pavel- Spain- Conversational

October 06, 2017

Hello! I had a classes with Al recently. He is a really well qualified and patient tutor who could help you to improve your language skills. Lessons are filled with different types of useful and interactive materials. He has a clear and understandable pronunciation which is really matters for those who want to start classes with native speakers. Al, good luck!

Jinwoo- New Zealand- Exam preparation

October 01, 2017

Al is a good teacher. He has well-organised curriculum which drives you to improve your English language skills. He speaks slowly to let you understand easily and correct my mistakes whenever I’ve spoken broken English. It was nice study.

Victor- Conversational

September 22, 2017

AI is incredibly organized with all his lessons. He’s a great teacher. He identifies what the student needs to improve and personalizes the class. He has a digital material for you, texts, audio and really everything you need. His use of Google documents is fantastic. He helped me for an interview with sample questions, and more, He helped me rephrasing my answers to sound like a native, not only clear pronunciation but how to structure phases and vocabulary. I recommend him.

Taha- Turkey-Exam preparation

September 12, 2017

We had a 5-hours crash course for IELTS speaking test. He’s really good at teaching. He made a plan for my needs first and we followed that. Also, he has a lot of teaching resources (like books, sample questions etc) and shared needed ones with me before lessons. I only had about 10 days before the exam and it would be really hard without his help.

Robin- Exam preparation

August 29, 2017

I needed a help with my IELTS test that I took last Saturday. I received the best and the most helpful IELTS lesson. He had so many resources and was ready for whatever I needed for better band score. I am so grateful that I was able to get a series of lessons and I am satisfied with him. Definitely, I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great English teacher.

Alexander- Conversational

August 10, 2017

An excellent teacher. Each lesson is intensive and stress free. Al will be able to explain any complex expression or word in other words. It’s important for me that Al always punctual and flexible.

Sudhakar- India-Exam preparation

August 04, 2017

Mr. AI is an excellent tutor with perfect English, he is helping me to prepare to IELTS exam. It’s really worth taking lesson with him. Always punctual and flexible. Clever and easygoing person who can talk about every topic and who makes you feel comfortable while learning and I really enjoy his class. Am sure that Al is one of the best tutors for the preparation of the IELTS on Preply.

Jongki- South Korea – Conversational

July 16, 2017

Al is a great tutor. It’s my first time to learn English from native. so I’m very concerned in my class at first. But Al lead class very smoothly. His class so dynamic that an hour of passed by instantly. I really enjoy his class.

Alex- Brazil-Exam preparation

July 10, 2017

I highly recommend Al Tam, because his classes are dynamics and bright. To top it off, he is focused and committed to the goal you are aiming at. I have been studying with him for over 2 months in order to take IELTS exam, and now I feel much more confident to tackle it! Thank you Al. You have been an excellent tutor!