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Welcome to my site!

Hello My name is Al and I’m an English teacher with more than 12 years of experience. I have devised a new method of teaching called Personalized English. It simply means:

  • Identifying the need of my student
  • Tailoring a lesson plan focusing on the need
  • Conducting intensive classes making English his or her life during the course.

I have taught more than 6000 lessons using this method. You only need to read the testimonial of my students going through these courses. You can take a free trial lesson to see how it works:

Now Allow me to introduce the courses I offer:

Business and professional Courses

I teach Business English courses from intermediate to advanced level. Coupled with it you will learn Business English phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions. Helping you to make an impact on your clients. Also if you are a lawyer, a medic or an engineer I have professional courses to get you fluent in English in today’s global market. I offer group classes for your employees at reasonable price.

Crash Course in Job Interview Preparation

For job interview I have a 5 hour crash course to get you ready for the big day. I will give you the guidelines on how to answer typical interview questions, you prepare your answers and then we will have a mock job interview to check your readiness. The course is supported by audio samples of interviews.

Intensive Conversational Courses

These are the courses that many of you are looking for. The aim is to help you speak fluently, clearly, with ease and confidence. In my conversational courses we don’t just talk. First, we will have listening and speaking sessions. You listen to an audio on interesting topics, answer questions about it, learn new vocabularies and put forward your opinion about the topic. Second, I will give you conversation worksheets with a list of topics and useful vocabularies to prepare yourself for our discussion in the class. Third, you will be assigned topics to prepare short presentations. Here you have to speak nonstop English for 2 minutes.

Exam preparation Courses

I specialize in exam preparation. Including IELTS, TOEFL and CAE. Here I personalize my course and focus on exactly the parts of the exam you need to improve, such as speaking or writing.

So if you want to get down to intensive English learning and achieve results fast I am here to help you

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