Crash Course for IELTS


Last month I had a very respectable student seeking to achieve a high score on his IELTS exam. He really worked hard, burning the candle at both ends. I conducted 4 to 5 lessons in a week for him. He got his reward and sailed through his IELTS exam with flying colors.

Here I wanted to share some of the valuable experiences we gathered during this crash course;

  • Prioritize and concentrate on the parts of the IELTS exam which you think you are not confident at

During this course, we concentrated on the Reading and Speaking section of the exam. This saved us a great deal of time. He needed to work on listening and writing as well but we rightly programmed his time to concentrate solely on the points which he felt he is not confident at.

  • Methodology to gain self-confidence for the Speaking section of the exam

In this field I provided him with a set of common topics which usually come up in IELTS exams, coupled with a set of sample answers and useful expressions. He worked on these topics and prepared his answers. Then we had practice sessions on each topic. In this way, he achieved a high level of self- confidence which was his winning card in the actual exam.

  • Saving precious time in the Reading section of the exam

He was really worried about this part of the exam. He didn’t have trouble finding the right answers. However, it was the time factor which he couldn’t master. So we started specifying and practicing a clear and step by step procedure in getting to the right answer. At first, it was a bit difficult for him to adapt but as we proceeded he realized that by sticking to these procedures he scored 100% accuracy in half the time which he used to spend on each question. These procedures boiled down to pinpointing the keywords and then using Skimming and Scanning techniques to find the answers.

Final Note: In my personal view in any project you should first draw your fundamental Red lines. These are TIME, RESOURCES and COMMITMENT. In this way, you can draw your roadmap and stick to it to the end.

Author: Tutor Al

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