Crash 4-hour interview preparation

Crash 4-hour interview preparation

Crash 4 hour course to prepare you for your Job Interview

Content of the Intensive Crash Course

  • Lesson 1-2: Basics of taking part in an interview:

In the first two lessons you will listen to experts on what you should and shouldn’t say in an interview. You will learn how to present your skills and personal qualities.

In addition, you will listen to sample answers and learn the tips and strategies you should use.

  • Lesson 3-4: Guidelines on how you should answer general and technical interview questions

First you will be presented with a list of general interview questions. Guidelines coupled with sample answers will be presented and you will read and learn how to answer them.

In the next stage according to the job position you are applying for I will present you a set of technical questions which you should be ready for and we will work on them.


Now you prepare your answers and get ready for a mock job interview. You will send me your answers and I will check and correct them for you.

  • Lesson 5: Mock job interview

A complete mock job interview will be carried out and your readiness will be checked. I will give you feedback on the spot.


At the end of this course you will feel confident to face any questions and learn to express your real skills and expertise. In addition, your CV will be checked and upgraded.